Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aubergine, Chickpea and Harissa

When I first started blogging I wrote down a list of potential recipes that I enjoy and this was one of the first ones that I thought of. We have been making this as a family for at least 15 years after eating a version of it in a Cathedral cafe and recreating it at home. It was one of the earliest times I had harissa, a north african chilli paste, in a dish and it has been part of my pantry ever since. It was a favourite meal of my mum and me for whenever my dad was working away. We used to eat it with cous cous or bulgar wheat and yoghurt but quinoa or millet makes a good alternative if you need it to be wheat or gluten free. I like to make this dish the day before to allow the flavours to develop and it is perfect as a quick winter supper. If you cannot get ready made harissa paste easily then there is great recipe on serious eats.

Aubergine, Chickpea and Harissa Stew (Serves 4)
Can be vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free
1 Large aubergine or 2 small aubergine, chopped into chunks
1 Onion, thinly sliced
1 Clove of garlic, crushed
1-2 tbs Olive oil
1 Can chickpeas
1 Can plum tomatoes, chopped
1-2tbs Tomato puree
1tbs Harissa paste or to taste
1tsp Vegetable bouillon
Salt and Pepper to taste
2-4 Tbs Fresh mint/or cilantro/coriander, chopped
To serve:
Yoghurt (optional)
Cooked quinoa or cous cous or rice

  • In a pot add the olive oil, aubergine and onion and cook down until lightly browned. Then add half the harissa paste, bouillon and chopped tomatoes and chickpeas and simmer for at least 15 mins. Once the aubergine is soft, taste and add additional harissa, salt and pepper to taste for spiciness. Just before serving stir in the mint, reserving a little to garnish and serve with quinoa or similar and top with yoghurt (optional).

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