Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fresh Raw Corn Milk

Whilst wandering around the streets of Hanoi over the weekend we stumbled across a fresh corn milk stand. This piqued my interest as I have been looking into making a variety of dairy free milks but I had never thought of using corn to make milk. In hindsight, corn seems the most obvious grain to use, it even oozes a milky liquid when you cut it, but I am not sure I would ever have made the leap unless I had seen this stall. I made this milk using raw kernels as I figured it would have more vitamins that way but I am sure you can used cooked corn although the taste will be slightly different. I am planning to try with cooked corn just to see which flavor I prefer. I added a little brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon and ginger to my milk and it made for a quite refreshing drink.

Raw Corn Milk (makes about 500ml)
Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free
1 Ear of Fresh Corn
400ml Water
Optional extras:
add any of the following to taste
A sweetener such as brown sugar or maple syrup,
Spices such as cinnamon or ginger,
Chocolate powder or cocoa

  • Remove the leaves and silky strands off the corn and use a sharp knife to cut the fresh kernels from the cob. Put the kernels into a blender with the water and blend until smooth with no obvious signs of whole kernels. Drain through a sieve to remove the skins of the corn kernels. Taste the mixture then add your chosen optional extras to taste. Add more water if you prefer a more watery milk. Will last in the refrigerator in a container for a couple of days. Serve hot or cold. 

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